You are currently viewing 2021 The year of change in business !


The landscape is changing rapidly as businesses move online. In fact, social distancing and COVID-19 accelerated the growth of online shopping by 4-6 years. This made  2021 a year of change in the passion, skills, strategic thinking of many freelancers and online workers.

In this article, I will talk about many online business ideas that you can start from home:


1- Register as a Freelancer on websites of freelancing jobs. You master translation, editing, writing, design, photoshop, or any abilities

you can share with clients on freelancing websites and get paid for your job.

2- Start your own profitable blog and monetize it with the right tactics at the right stage of your blog’s growth. there are many guides on the internet to help you create your own blog.

3-Start an e-commerce business. With e-commerce, there are multiple routes you can go – Amazon FBA, dropshipping, or full-fledged manufacturing your own products and selling them on your own website. Dropshipping is a good option for beginners since you don’t have to fulfill orders or ship them yourself or have an actual store.

4- Web design. You can start by developing websites for your friends and family to polish your skills. While there are a lot of website builders that can help small businesses create their own websites, developers are needed for more custom jobs (and new businesses are always looking for efficient coders at cost-effective prices).

5- Build your profile influencer on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, or other social media websites. With the rise of social media channels, consumers are increasingly turning to niche influencers to get product advice.

6- Affiliate marketing. When someone asks how to make passive money online, a lot of people automatically envision affiliate marketing. Brands that want to sell products online create new affiliate programs and allow affiliates (publishers and bloggers) to promote their products and earn commissions.

According to one blog income report study, bloggers making between $7,500 — $25k per month make 38% of their income from affiliate marketing.

7- Social media managing. Billions of people are on social media – it’s natural that there are jobs and businesses to be sprung from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have experience with social media marketing and know-how the ad network operates, you can start a consulting business on social media.

8- An App Development. There is an app for anything and everything – and it may seem like a saturated market to get into. However, there are still a lot of ways to create ideas for new apps or improve the user experience for a current app.

Research the most successful apps in your niche, look into their marketing strategies and every other detail – their description, cover art, reviews, etc. You may be able to find a unique app idea that people are looking for.

9-T-Shirt Printing Business. T-shirts with exciting graphics and funky logos are in high demand. The T-shirt retailing business is worth millions of dollars and relies on efficient t-shirt printers to meet the supply.

Several suppliers are already in the business, but there is enough room for new players. You can take orders from multinational brands or local businesses or even launch your own line. Moreover, this industry allows you to work on your terms, i.e., you can either choose to work from a small room or start off with a big factory-based production.

10- Publishing your ebooks. you can write ebooks and publish them on Amazon or any other publishing website.

Good Luck!