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During the period  2023-2026

The Central Bank of the U.A.E announced its most important strategic plan during the period 2023-2026, which includes issuing a digital currency.

The Central Bank said that it plans to be one of the top 10 central banks in the world, asking the partners to provide expectations regarding the future needs of the bank.

The Central Bank of the U.A.E  stated that the directions of its strategy during the coming years include 7 goals, including issuing a digital currency and supporting digital transformation in the financial services sector in the UAE, by adopting the latest technologies in artificial intelligence and big data, according to the Emirates News Agency “WAM”.

The strategy includes the use of technology in regulatory and insurance systems, in addition to the use of digital identity infrastructure, to enhance financial inclusion and faster access to financial services.

The bank referred to the goal of developing a strong and secure financial cloud infrastructure for the financial and insurance services, adding that the strategy includes supporting the green economy in the UAE and continuing to develop a more innovative financial infrastructure to support the country’s competitiveness in this field.

The Central Bank of the U.A.E set the current date of July 15 for the partners to participate in the study  under the title “Expectations and future needs of the partners.”

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